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Amazing Light Therapy

Beauty Tan is a groundbreaking advance in beauty care. Experience a new, unique light therapy, which offers a delicious tan while leaving skin supple and silky to the touch.

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New unique technology

The newly developed Beauty Tan machines are available in two different models: Beauty Tan Q and Beauty Tan XL.

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About Beauty Tan

Beauty Tan is a revolutionary innovation in beauty  – a new and unique light therapy.

The secret behind Beauty Tan is a new and unique combination of light that consists of:

UV-A light – for effective and gentle tanning

UV-B light to stimulate the skin’s production of melanin and vitamin D

Red light that stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, which reduces wrinkles and ensures fully moisturised skin that’s silky smooth to the touch.

Indulge in Beauty Tan’s warm, red light and delight in the perfect treatment result!


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"Beauty Tan is surprisingly different. It's a complete different experience comparede to regular tanning on a sun bed. I'm a fan!"

Camilla, 22 years old, Kolding, Denmark


"Entering the Beauty Tan treatment cubicle for the first time, my immediate impression was wow! The warm, relaxed red color ambience and the impressive tanning results are truly magnificent."

Julie, 31 years old, Esbjerg, Denmark


"My girlfriend recommended Beauty Tan. She loves it and thought I should give it a try. I'm not so much into the effect of the red light, but tanning effect is really convincing and I find the treatment experience much more delightful."

Michael, 26 years old, Hvidovre, Denmark

Beauty Tan Light Therapy


"After just one treatment skin simply feels pleasingly different; Moist and soft to the touch. You can really feel that, compared to regular tanning, the skin preserves natural moist instead of drying out. Even the usual odor linked to sunbed use is almost gone."

Maibritt, 52 years old, Odense, Denmark

About treatment with red light

Red light treatment is an efficient way to achieve soft and immature skin. Red light is also an effective way to reduce the signs of the aging skin.
Red light stimulates the natural processes in you skin and increases the production of both collagen and elastin which makes your skin smooth and soft.

What really makes the Beauty Tan treatment unique is the combination of both red light and natural solar spectrum UV light, providing a beautiful, natural tan and vitamin d synthesis combined with the anti-aging skin treatment.

Beauty Tan is the only treatment concept of this kind in the world.

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